Need a second take at the week’s best (and worst) stories from the world of tech? Time for another rendition of Trusted Reviews’ Winners and Losers. As the first month of 2021 comes to a close, it’s strange to think we’re fast approaching an anniversary of a date that changed the UK, and indeed the

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When Tim Ellis arrived at the NFL as its CMO in 2018, his plans were ambitious and the path was clear. Embracing what Ellis calls a “helmets off” strategy, the focus was not just on elite athleticism but players’ contributions as human beings, getting them closer to fans. He also sought growth and transformation–but it…

Struggling to buy a PS5, Xbox Series X or a next-gen graphics card? You’re not the only one with stock shortages making it more difficult than ever to buy the latest gaming hardware, but there is an alternative option: gaming laptops.  It’s a very good time to buy a gaming laptop, as new models with

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Recent data reveal a nutrient found in salmon and meat may help reduce your risk of bacterial infections.1 This is especially important considering the problems surrounding antibiotic usage. Before antibiotics, the average lifespan was 47 years and infectious diseases like pneumonia were rampant.2 While antibiotics transformed health care, they do carry some risk. For example,

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In this episode of Full Measure, award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson takes on Big Tech and its censorship of the information you see daily on the internet.1 Restriction of free speech has accelerated in recent months, when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube took the unprecedented steps of silencing the U.S. president’s social media accounts. While many

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(Editor’s note: During the month of January, the Journal has presented a series of stories related to and perhaps explaining the recent increase in interest in collecting cars produced by Japan-based automakers.) It seems strange now, but not so very long ago, Japanese cars got no respect whatsoever in the collector car world.  They were branded

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“As you skim over the pavement in the Pantera you can’t help feeling smug,” wrote Car & Driver magazine in August 1971 when Ford teamed up with Italian car manufacture De Tomaso Automobili to create the exotic Pantera in the U.S. “You hear the engine rumbling along from its station back by your shoulder blades

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Cast your mind back to 2002. Covid-19 wasn’t anything to anyone, Elon Musk was only known for creating PayPal (and, after selling it, buying a McLaren F1), and Porsche, Ferrari, and Pagani were setting the automotive world alight with the Carrera GT, Enzo, and Zonda. It was one heck of a time to love cars,

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In nearly every single parameter, the new Land Rover Defender improves over the old warhorse Defender it replaced. While Land Rover’s O.G. Defender’s capability as an expeditionary lance and an agrarian implement is undeniable, the British brand worked extraordinarily hard to develop a new Defender that drives and performs like something from the 21st century, and

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