SSC’s been busy. In January it set a production-vehicle land-speed record of 282.9 mph. Now the automaker’s ready to expand the Tuatara lineup. On Thursday, the Washington-based supercar maker announced the Tuatara Striker and Tuatara Aggressor. The new models evolve the hypercar with more downforce, more power, and more customizable options. SSC Tuatara Striker | Image credit Castriota […]

Though it likely wasn’t Mazda’s intention when it unveiled the RX500 concept car at the 17th Tokyo Motor Show in the fall of 1970, the radically angular yet streamlined car became a world favorite — as a Matchbox toy. The RX500 was created by Mazda to showcase its rotary engine and the latest developments in

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Introduction Not all tumble dryers are the same. They’re built using quite different technology that affects drying times, quality and, most importantly, running costs. Our guide to the best tumble dryers helps you find the top models, but if you’re confused about the different types of dryer available, this guide aims to help explain the

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For years Google welcomed iOS and Android users to its Photos app promising free, unlimited back-ups at good – if not original – quality. That comes to an end on Tuesday June 1. The previously announced new policy on photos and video uploads comes into effect tomorrow. From then on, all new uploads from the

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Google-owned Fitbit is reportedly adding snoring detection to wearable devices, according to hints spied within the company’s mobile app. A 9to5Google teardown has found new evidence Fitbit will seek permission from users to use the wearable’s microphone to detect snoring. Enabling the feature will grant the watch permission to listen in for “ambient noise including

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While Xiaomi is currently pushing the envelope with future-focused over-the-air charging, the smartphone manufacturer is still making improvements to the old-fashioned tethered and wireless methods. The firm has revealed new Hyper Charge technology it says can fully replenish the Xiaomi M11 Pro in just eight minutes. That’s achieved with a 200W wired charger delivered to

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Like me, you might think of the Ford Courier for its most recent iterations as a model primarily sold overseas, beginning in 1972 as a Ford-badged but Mazda-produced compact pickup truck, and later in Europe as a Fiesta-based commercial van. But Ford first applied the Courier badge back in the early 1950s to a station

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