Save £120 on the 240Hz Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor

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The Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor has been reduced to £429 following a £120 price cut in the Amazon Prime Day 2021 sale. 

The Odyssey G7 features a curved design and a 27-inch QLED screen. It’s also got a Quad HD resolution, meaning it could be a good option for both PC gamers and owners of the Xbox Series S. Support for HDR600 is also included. 

Competitive players will also be pleased to know that the Odyssey G7 boasts a 240Hz refresh rate, which is three times faster than the standard 60hz monitors. However, you will need a powerful graphics card to make the most out of this feature. 

This monitor also has a range of adjustment options, with 120mm height adjustment alongside tilt, swivel and pivot options. This should allow you to easily get the monitor in the most comfortable position, no matter your desk setup.

We gave the Samsung Odyssey G7 a 4-star review in our review, with the verdict stating:

“The Samsung Odyssey G7 serves up superb contrast, great colours, decent HDR and butter-smooth 240Hz gameplay. That tight curve improves immersion, and the design is robust and versatile.”

So if you’re looking for a high-end Quad HD gaming monitor with a high refresh rate, this looks to be your absolute best option during the Prime Day sales. 

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is one of the most impressive gaming monitors we’ve reviewed recently. The biggest issue, which held it back from a higher score, was its high price compared to the competition. But following a significant price cut, that’s no longer a concern. 

This gaming monitor is an ideal option for those who play multiplayer games and want every advantage possible, with the high refresh rate a particular benefit. At its lowest price on Amazon yet, this is the perfect time to pounce if you’re on the lookout for a Quad HD gaming monitor. 

Ryan Jones


Computing and Gaming Editor

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