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The revived Hispano Suiza has unveiled its second model, the Carmen Boulogne, which the company says is “the sportier evolution of the Hispano Suiza Carmen.” The Spanish-based company plans to produce 12 examples of the Carmen and five of the Carmen Boulogne. The cars are electric-powered luxury supercars operating with 1,114 horsepower, sprinting to 62

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For the first time in the nearly two years that we’ve been tracking such things, a Japanese vehicle has emerged among the most-searched on the Marketplace website. That car is the Datsun 240Z. And not only that, but we checked down the list a little farther and found the 280Z also working it way

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Cadillac’s Escalade SUV is a king-sized luxury luminary, and the debut of an all-new version goes beyond simple car introduction to full-scale cultural event. Now in its fifth generation, what was once a rebadged GMC Yukon has become a distinctively styled flagship, albeit one that still shares its basic mechanicals with that GMC as well

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The MotorTrend Truck of the Year-winning Ram 1500 TRX’s reign as the hottest truck for the 2021 model year may soon come to an end, as Ford continues to prep its third-generation F-150 Raptor. Now,’s forum gives us a better clue about what to expect from the next Raptor—at least in regards to its styling.

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